FREE PATTERN: Cable Knit Throw Pillow

Cable Knit Pilllow
Ohhhhh yes! You asked, I polled just to be sure, and then made it happen because, well, you're all the best. There was so much love on our classic cable knit pillow, and I have to let you know that it gives me serious heart eyes, too! 
*Disclaimer: I have made a change to the design since I first posted this beauty on the 'gram. Instead of the large cable being flanked by garter stitch edges, they are now reverse stockinette edges. The garter stitch, while soft and voluminous, had a tendency to let the insert show through the spaces in the rows. When it comes to home decor, you definitely don't want that kind of peep show going on in your living room! This reverse stockinette stitch will give the same textural effect without all of that bare spot nonsense.  
So now to the part that you really clicked on this for:
This pattern is a great next step into the deeper realms of knitting. This basic cable is simple and easy to master, however, this pattern is not a tutorial. To watch someone cable in action, click on this video. It's for a C6F cable (or a cable only involving 6 sts) but you can adapt it for a C10F (including 10 sts) very easily. You just slip 5 sts onto your needle instead of only 2.
Pro-tip: Read the entire pattern before starting. There isn't enough time in the world to tell you how many projects I've screwed up just because I didn't read one line further.
  • Size US 19 (15mm) Knitting Needles
  • Two skeins of your favorite Size 6 Bulky Yarn (I use Lionbrand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick)
  • Darning Needle 
  • Cable Needle (or simply something to cable with)
  • 16"x16" Pillow Insert (I use these from Joann)


  • k:  knit
  • p: purl
  • C10F: slip the next 5 sts onto your cable needle, bring to front, k the next 5 sts, then k the 5 sts on the cable needle


Front Panel
*This pattern is written so that you turn your work between each row.
*All odd numbered rows are the right side (RS) and all even numbered rows are the wrong side (WS). 
Cast on 28 sts
Row 1: p9, k10, p9
Row 2: k9, p10, k9
Repeat rows 1 & 2 three more times for a total of 8 completed rows
*Row 9: p9, C10F, p9**
Row 10: k9, p10, k9
Row 11: p9, k10, p9
Row 12: k9, p10, k9
Repeat rows 11 & 12  three more times* for a total of 9 rows since you cabled
Repeat from * to * until you have cabled (or C10F) a total of five times, stopping at ** once you've C10F for the fifth time
Row 50: k9, p10, k9
Row 51: p9, k10, p9
Repeat rows 50 & 51 once more
Cast Off!
Back Panel
*This pattern is written so that you turn your work between each row.
*All odd numbered rows are the WS and all even numbered rows are the RS. 
*The RS for this panel is the reverse stockinette side.
Cast on 26 sts
Row 1: k all sts
Row 2: p all sts
Repeat rows 1 & 2 for a total of 48 rows.
Cast off!
Sweet Jesus, you did it (well, the knitting part)! Now it's time to sew your two panels together and slip them over the insert. 
  • Remember to place the two RS together then seam the edges. This way, your seam is on the inside of your work when you flip it right side out.
  • Seam a little more than 3/4 of the outer edges together before turning it right side out. This is so you can still slip the insert between the two panels before finishing to seam it from the outside. 12 year old Kate was so sad when she realized she made a super dumb mistake by sewing all of her edges together before stuffing her first pillow. Ha!
You did it!! But you're still not finished yet. Now, you have to pour yourself a glass of wine and revel in the beauty of your new cable knit pillow! Oh, and be sure to snap a pic and send it to me on Instagram. There's a 112% chance I'll do a virtual happy dance and shower you with gratitude! Just tag me at @knitologyco. 
These make great housewarming gifts, home decor, and can be 100% customizable for the seasons. Don't think I'm not going to try and find the time to knit myself a Christmas-y one to coordinate with my Knit Stocking pattern this year!

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