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About Us

Knitology Kate and Thomas
Knitology was originally created while founder, Kate, was a junior in college studying to obtain her BS in Microbiology. What she really thought was BS, though, was how cold she was walking to class in the morning. Knitwear for her age group was either completely unaffordable for her ramen and mac n' cheese budget (lots of pasta, it's okay), or every girl on campus already owned it.
In a world where she longed for originality, she just made it herself. 
Since then, Knitology has transformed from solely women's accessories to a home + family knitwear brand located in St. Louis, MO. Here, we're all about comfort. Comfort in your own personal style, in who you are as a kind human, or in your own home netflixing until you fall asleep. We're not here to judge; we're right there with you.



Kate is a winter-loving, sarcasm-speaking 20-something and a true Hufflepuff to her core. She's always being told to quiet down (her voice carries, okay?) and when she asked her best friends to describe her for this synopsis, they said, "Tall, likes Game of Thrones, and is a real-life Leslie Knope." Kate can often be found replying to Instagram comments in all caps, crossing the street to pet dogs she sees on walks, and eating a soft pretzel (or three) while she nerds out over science. 


Knitology, Thomas

Thomas (affectionately called Tomato or Thom by friends and loved ones) is best described as being the love child of Jim Halpert and Ben Wyatt. With a dorky sense of humor and love for all things food, he can always be found making people laugh or using every single pot in the kitchen to make a grilled cheese. His job is easy; he makes sure every order has a hand sewn tag before he takes them to the post office while simultaneously ensuring that Kate doesn't lose her mind (easy, right?). 


Knitology Cat, Inigo

If you've followed us on Instagram for any amount of time, you'll be quite familiar with our cat, Inigo. Named after Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, he most definitely oozes both charm and the sheer determination to get whatever he wants. If he isn't meowing incessantly for food or help finding his toys (he's lost so many packing peanuts behind the fridge), you can find him napping on virtually any surface at home and watching you while you shower. His contribution to Knitology is much more entertainment based, but Thomas is hoping to teach him how to answer emails in the near future so he can start pulling his weight.